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I've had trouble with sleep for the whole weekend. It seemed due to two factors. I was sick and had trouble getting my sinuses and throat comfortable. Emily falls asleep and start to snore long before I am even close to actually being asleep.

My R/C truck flipped out this morning. It turned itself on and started driving around based on channel noise. It drove itself off of the dresser, bounced its way through a bin of toys and boxes, drove across the dining room, into the kitchen and got itself stuck.

The game was somewhat okay. Justin's character/Justin really pisses me off. He is overbearing and a control freak. He argues and fights to get his way be instead of attempting to arrive at common ground he sticks to a position but fails to defend it with valid arguments. He occasionally points out items to defend his position. If you accept some of his points and move towards his position it just reinvigorates him and he refuses to move from his position even more.

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