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Life and Death Rant

Good ol W... what a piece of work. He makes a speech about a 'culture of life'. He talks about the value of all life, especially those at your mercy. How much mercy did he show Louis Jones Jr, Juan Raul Garza, and Timothy McVeigh? They all asked for mercy, for clemency... he did not provide it. There are currently 37 prisoners on death row in federal prison. Is he going to change his policy and save these men?

Does he suddenly care about the men and women of our armed forces? Is he going to bring them home? He has gotten over 1000 killed since he took office.

Now, on life.. I think, as a meat eater, that there is a scale as to how important a life is. People productive to the society should hold more value to the society than those not productive. You can factor animals into this to. A cow is more useful to society, in the long run, than a brain dead 40 year old. Cruel? Maybe. They had an interesting fact on the news... the most expensive part of life... is the last 6 months. If people coule just realize when they are down to the last 6 months and toss in the towel we could solve all of our budgetary issues. Over 1/2 of medicare dollars are used in the last 6 months of someone's life.

If/when I get into a vegetative state. kill me. If I'm in a coma and might pull through.... pull the plug before I blow all of my life insurance money on medical care. That money is supposed to be to take care of Emily and Aiyre, not to pay 500 grand in medical bills.

okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming... Aiyre want to go outside and play...

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