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Lots of rain... drip drip drip... It looks like it stopped. I picked up KOTOR 2 last night and got it installed. Managed to play a little bit between last night and this morning. Seems to run fine and look nice on Emily's computer.

Emily had a doctor's appt this morning. I got to stay home with the screamer. She insisted we go outside and look for mom. It was still raining this morning so we got a little wet. Aiyre got to 'play' with the worms on the driveway. She didn't cut them into pieces like she did last year, but rather picked them up, squealed a bit and ran off into the yard and dropped them in the grass.

I managed to watch the first two episodes of season four of Coupling last night/this morning as well. Still quite funny even without Jeff.

I had the stress class today. It started late and used up the full hour. As a result I was pressed for time getting data prepared for the meeting which took place immediately following the class. It all worked out. I managed to get the 3 STRs I had been working on into the build. They didn't really provide much help in the class.

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