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Rain! Rain! Rain! At least it isn't snowing.

We picked up Emily's computer and have it all setup now. She has not yet reinstalled all of her games and such. It took a number of attempts to get the Symantec client setup and up to date. We ended up installing it to get the registry entries. We then disabled it, deleted it, and made a copy of the current, up to date, directories from my computer.

Spent a lot of time on Saturday outside with Aiyre. The controller on my R/C car ran out of battery juice. The neighbor kids came off and asked if Aiyre could come out and play. They didn't really play together so much as play near each other.

We dropped Aiyre as Justin's huose Friday night so we could go out with some people from work. She seemed to really enjoy that. The dinner was fine. Emily was quiet for most of the dinner. Serey kept talking to her about the baby. Justin came over on Sunday. We played a little single session D&D. All players died. We then played a session of Space Hulk. The space marines won.

My java learning experience got fustrating. My stupid browser was caching the java class files behind the scenes. I would refresh the page, but it would keep the background java stuff in place. I even closed the window I was using and re-opened it. It turns out that because I had another window open on another web page, it still cached stuff. I'm back on track again.

I've got to watch Aiyre tomorrow morning while Emily goes to the Doctor.

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