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Dang UPS, they attempted delivery while Emily was dropping Aiyre at school. As a result I went to pick up the package last night at 8pm at their depot in Shrewsbury. Other than the fact I had to wait a while, it worked out fine. Emily will probably set up the puter today and try to transfer her stuff from the old puter to the new one.

There is no school today, so Emily and Aiyre will be meeting us for lunch at Friendly's in Sudbury. We'll probably head over to the duckpond afterward to feed the ducks for a little while.

My mother will be coming out either tonight or tomorrow. If she comes tomorrow she'll, supposedly, be taking our spare bed with her. Emily and I are heading out tonight to meet with some people from work at Watch City Brewery in Waltham. Justin has offered to babysit Aiyre if mom doesn't come out tonight.

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