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Hit the mall yesterday afternoon. I don't think we bought anything, besides food. We had lunch/dinner at Arby's. We got a pretzel a little later. Not much going on, just R&R.

No game this week. So.. we just hung out. I went out and picked up pizza for lunch. I played outside with Aiyre for a couple hours. Played Civilization III for a bit this morning, before the game was canceled. Aiyre insisted on playing The Sims 2 for a bit as well.

Poor Adam and Colleen had quite a day. The game hit a bug when Colleen was attempting to feed Marcus and she couldn't pick him up. Try as she might, she stood there all day, failing over and over to pick him up. Eventually child services came and took Marcus away, complaining that they were starving the poor child. At this point Colleen dies. Adam fights off the grim reaper, gaining her life back. After saving his wife, Adam passes out on the floor going bonkers. When he wakes up the Social Bunny is there hopping around and being nice to him. Colleen passes out on the front lawn after she returns from work the next day. They are doing fine now, although Colleen is pregnant again. Luckily they still have all that baby stuff from that failed attempt called Marcus.

I've started making a Java applet to play Roborally. I don't really know Java so this is mostly a learning experience. There is a link to the current program on my webpage. At this point I think it just draws a small black square and a small red square.

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