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I'm leaving today a little after noon. There is an all-hands meeting at noon with free pizza and soda, so I'll have to stay long enough to get some.

The Incredibles arrived last night and I watched it. I have not seen the alternate ending/beginnings/special features yet. We've been cruising though the Coupling season 3 episodes as well. There are only 7 episodes, on two discs, in season three, while there are something like 24 episodes, on 6 discs, in CSI season 2. Maybe the years are shorter in England. Maybe they like more re-runs. Who knows.

The lottery... Powerball odds of winning 1 : 120,000,000. Wow... I like some other other statistics... only one winner per month, 12 per year, on average. Odds of being killed in a car crash... 1 : 6,200 Ouch! Odds of being killed by a dog bite.. 1 : 18,016,533 Do I play? Not really. I will get one or two when the jcakpots get really really big. For the most part it is a tax on stupidity. You do get something for your money... You get daydreams. You get to think... 'wow, what if I won... what would I do with the money?'. Is that worth a buck?

I woke with a headache and I've had a pain in the neck for the whole day so far. I can't seem to get to a comfortable temperature either.... too hot, too cold. :(

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