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Well, I'd much rather be home playing than here working. :( I don't know what today's game is, but anything is better than this.

Well we are supposed to celebrate tonight. We successfully tracks several satellite a couple days ago. This is several weeks ahead of schedule. It is amazing that we did this. People did not expect us to meet the Febuary deadline, much less doing it in January.

As a result? they stopped providing lunch and dinner for the crew. I'm not sure how their carrot and stick program is set up. I heard that this project is overall 20mil in the hole. I guess that accounts for the cut backs.

Still sick, but felt better for an hour or two this morning.

I caught the first 30 minutes or so of Analyze This before coming into work. It was funny, too bad I have to work 7 day weeks. On the team roster, under the schedule I am listed as 24/7. I wonder who the wise guy is.

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