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The snow has stopped. I don't know how much we got. I cleaned off the driveway 5 times, each time we only have a couple inches. The whole storm turned out to be big heavy wet snow. As a result, my back is killing me today.

Emily had trouble sleeping last night and on her way downstairs fell. She landed on her butt, but she has a big sore spot and will probably end up with a nice bruise. I lept out of bed and flew to the stairs, but she didn't need my help, as she just hurt her butt. All I succeeded in doing was waking myself up, stresssing myself out, and straining my back even more.

With luck, AC&M will make it over today. I am not really up to running Star Wars, but wouldn't mind playing a couple other things.

I finished up Blood Rites this morning. This seems to be the last Harry Dresden book we have. So... I've moved on to Bram Stoker's Dracula.

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