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Took my car in for scheduled maintenance this morning. Everything went smooth, though it cost me 125 bucks and I didn't even get a free car wash out of it.

I've been dealing with my goals/accomplishments/etc at work and so I thought of my daughter's eval form at home. She has 6 goals in her IEP. Four of them are vague enough that she probably is doing fine and meeting those goals. Two of the goals are more specific and talk about naming and labeling 5 objects within 6 categories as well as verbally answering yes/no questions and using 2-3 work phrases. She is clearly far behind on those goals and making little progress.

The progress report from school is supposed to address each goal specifically, mention the progress and then state if the progress was sufficient that they thought she would meet the goal by the end of the year. One of the goals they didn't even fill in an progress on. Three of the goals they failed to specify if she had made sufficient progress to meet the year end deadline. One of the goals, they one she needs to learn 30 words for, they claim she is on target to meet the end of the year deadline. No way. She doesn't understand what we say and can't say yes or no. Why do they think she will meet her goal?

I wrote, what I thought was, a polite letter to the school this morning. I mentioned the missing information and my doubts about her meeting her goals. I asked for a copy of a fully complete document and information about how the teachers plan to get her to the finish line. Emily thought we she talk to the teacher first.

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