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Darn People

So the phone rings about 5 minutes ago. I answer. It is a 'survey' on abortion. Okay, fine, I listen. "Press 1 if you identify yourself as pro-life. Press 9 if you identify yourself as pro-choice." Hm.. why do they always force us into extremes. I'm pro-life when it comes to my children, and pro-choice when it comes to everyone else's. I select 9. The 'survey' then starts thanking me for being pro-life and begins filling my ear with pro-life propaganda. F-in people.

From the Simpson's :
"Politician : Abortions for All!
Crowd : Boo!!!
Politician : Abortions for no one!
Crowd : Boo!!!
Politician : Abortions for some, miniature american flags for others!
Crowd : *Cheer*

Emily's parent got us CSI(the first season) on DVD. I think she finished them all already, I'm on Episode 9(disc 3 of 6). I can't get the theme song out of my head.

Emily's biopsy turned out benign.

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