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I left early on Friday to go to the doctor with Emily. I forgot to take 495 and ended up cutting through Northboro to get to 290. I found a spot and parked behind the hospital. As I got out of my car Emily pulled up and parked. Perfect timing. The scheduled a bunch of follow up stuff so I'm going to late to work and leaving early several times this month and next month.

We hung out for a while on Saturday and eventually went to the Mall to return a car booster seat that the inlaws bought for us. What we really needed is an infant seat. Aiyre kept getting in people way in the arcade. In particular she kept messing with the girl playing Dance Dance Revolution Extreme. I had to carry her off screaming. It is a good thing we're both blonde or I would have been arrested countless times for hauling off a screaming child.

This morning we went to IHOP for breakfast. Aiyre ate lots and lots of food. She liked stirring my hot cocoa. When she tasted it, through a straw, she spit it all out all over herself. What a mess. So, she is now walking around in a white shirt with brown stains.

My throat has been kind of sore this morning. My video driver is messed up. The latest drivers no longer work with the older games and the older drivers don't work with the newer games. As a result I have to switch drivers depending on which game I want to play.

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