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The 6th Day

Well, it is my sixth day at Beale A.F.B. I'm sick(sinus congestion, cough, and nausea). :(

It's raining and foggy again today. I guess it is only like this for a month per year. This place is very stange. The plains of the central valley stop where a collection of foothills begin. The radar is on one of the first foothills overlooking the central valley. The local slopes are scattered with cows. Walking in from the car, the cows often "moo" a hello. At night the coyotes howl. The howls seem very close, but the road I have to walk down to the parking area has a barbed wire fence. This would probably not stop a coyote, but it works on the cows.

It may be the sickness, but it is freaking cold in here today. The thermostat reads 64. It is over in a nice warm corner. I think it is probably much colder at my desk. I may be losing weight, but without a scale it is hard to tell. It's only been a week, so how much could I have lost. I probably wouldn't be able to tell even if I had a scale. I bought two beds for the apartment last night. I got a king and a twin. They can be disassembled, so we should be able to ship them back to MA with us.

I caught the end of The Sixth Day last night with the govna.

I really miss Aiyre. I wanna play. Emily says she is sick too, so she wouldn't be much fun. Unless you like having boogers wiped on your shoulder.

I'm wondering if adam will do anything with my Champions character idea.

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