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End of a project.... Starting next week... no overtime! Which means that I'm done with OT as of today. I'm leaving at noonish tomorrow so I can join Emily at her doctor appointment.

The war in Iraq has reach 1500 dead US troops and many many more Iraq citizens. The cost of the war has far exceeded the cost of the WTC.

I was almost in an auto accident this morning. Just ahead of me two cars had a near miss and spun out on the Pike. The both managed to spin and wobble to a stop without hitting anyone or anything. It happened in the eastbound lane just before you get to the construction where they are widening the raodway. As you come around a corner you get blinded by sun just as you hit a bunch of stopped traffic.

I've got my 52,500 mile appointment for the Prius next Friday.

We are still wondering if AC&M are going to make it this weekend.

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