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The thermometer in the car claimed it was -12C (+10 F).

I'm currently reading The curious incident of the dog in the night time, having finished Nightseer last week. Nightseer had a very slow beginning and it took me quite a while to get into the good bits.

I got a call from H&R Block yesterday that me taxes were ready now. I went down to pick them up and the guy there had to review them because I had selected the protection plan. He found them messed up and insisted on fixing them. So... I was there for over an hour and almost missed bed time. All in all, we're getting back about 570 from federal, we owe about 200 to MA, and are getting back about 3000 from CA.

My sleep was interrupted by headaches and back pain. If I sleep on my back I end up with neck pain/headache right at the base of my skull. If I sleep on my side, my lower back hurts. All of the stres and such isn't helping me relax at all Add into that the stress of not sleeping well and it just gets worse and worse.

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