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I went back to H&R Block after a quick stop at home. They had their experienced crew there, but I still got the feeling they didn't really know what to do. After an hour and a half I got my MA form done. I ended up so I owe $179. Mostly because MA figures I spent 61 days out of 365 in MA so that portion of my income is MA. This is not correct, as I know the exact MA amount. I earned money faster in CA because of OT, etc.

They couldn't do the CA form, but had a questionaire to fill out which they send to the main office to have their out-of-state expert fill the form out. That will take 2 weeks. We also discovered a typo on my federal form, which I already sent out. Doh. They ended up having to enter everything on the Federal form just so it can be read into the state forms at the appropriate spots. The base charge was like 300 bucks, but, most of it will be credited away because I didn't request the federal form be filed. They said the fee for just the state part was 30 bucks. Maybe a little more for CA, but still reasonable.

I decided to sign up for their protection plan in case the state audits the forms and raises the due amount, H&R takes responsibility and pays. Given the lack of confidence I had in them, it seemed like a must.

Mom will be here tomorrow about 9:30 am. I'm not sure if I'll head into work before then or maybe head into work about 8pm, once Aiyre is asleep. Maybe I'll just take the day off.

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