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So, while attempting to do my MA tax, I found that my entire year's earning were reported as MA wages. I couldn't figure out how to make the form not produce a 10K tax bill for MA so I went to H&R Block. After getting bounced around a bit, I finally got to someone who had done multi-state returns before. I had already done my federal return so we skipped it. It turns out their system forces you to do the federal return in order to do the state. So.. we start entering data. We go to the point where it checks the numbers from MA and CA to see that they add up to the total. Well.. no they don't. I get pushed off to their 20 year person, who works days. They suggest I may need a corrected W-2. I call payroll. They claim I was a MA full year resident and therefore they are supposed to report all income to MA and I have to file some form to get it settled. The MA tax website says I have to have been in MA for more than 183 days to be a full year resident. Payroll claims that because I didn't change my state(use to figure out which medical plans and such) to CA, I was in MA for the full year. The whole issue is confused because Emily and Aiyre were here for more time than I was and probably were full year residents. In fact, the only reason I didn't change my state was so they could still see a doctor and not have to fly to CA to see an in-network doctor.

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