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Wow, time is flying... Everything is happening at once here. Next Sunday Emily's parent arrive from CA. My mother is visiting from NY on Saturday. Justin will be coming over on Sunday for a Star Wars game. Work is crazy busy with the project ending in a couple weeks. The final test event is the week while Emily' parents are visiting. We need to finish everything up and get it tested and in the build before the end of the month. There is a general feeling of confusion and uneasiness at work. People are not really sure if the project is over or if something won't work and we will be forced to continue. People don't know what they will be doing a month from now.

We talked about baby names a little today. We watched the Simpson's episode where they talk about trying to name Bart. Homer rejects a lot of names because people can make fun of it. I thought it was funny they mentioned Marcus(Mucus) and rejected it. We rejected Marcus too, not because of Mucus, but cause A&C took it.

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