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The birds are still freaking out when we are around, but seem to behave normally while we are elsewhere.

After work, I cleaned out the closet in Aiyre's room. We trashed a pile of toys, mostly Happy Meal toys, but a couple that had been actual toys before they had been broken, destroyed, etc. by Aiyre.

In an effort to allow Emily a nap, Aiyre and I hit the mall. She really likes: the arcade, the pet store, the food court, the Disney store, Auntie Annie's pretzels, and anywhere they have those little kid rides.

Justin decided to go to a Super bowl party instead of joining us for Star Wars this week, but will be here next. My mother is coming to visit the day before Emily's parents arrive. They are still planning on a big test event that week. I'm waiting to hear from Norm about what the plan is for sunday.

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