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Last night I take Emily and Aiyre out to Vinny T's for dinner. Except for a spilled glass of water everything was nice. I ate too much though. Afterwards we head to the pet store to try and cheer up Aiyre. At this point I decide to replace the first option valentines gift with a new gift. Emily has been hounding me to get a bird. So... I buy a bird.. and a cage.. and food.. and a white thing for the bird's beak.. and stuff for the bottom of the cage.. and a toy for the bird.. and another bird. Oh.. and a snail for the fish tank.

We get it home and set it all up. The birds are total shared shitless. Literally. If you ignore the birds the stand very still. If you get near the birds or watch them, they flip out and cower. I guess I would be traumatised if that happened to me too.

I still need to get a card.

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