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We got about 7cm of snow last night. This looked light and fluffy, but seemed to be the heavy fluffy stuff. Good packing snow. Excellent for snowball fights/snowmen/etc.

Today is a short day, so I'll be heading out at 3pm. I managed to get home yesterday in time to see Aiyre for the first time in three days.

Emily asked about my character background for Sunday's game. I explained my background to her as follows... I was raised in The Crystal City by a wealthy family till I was about 7. Up to that point I expect I spent most of my time with the servants and nanny. At that point I was sent to a music conservatory 20 miles outside of the city. I lived there, learning music, until I was about 16 and there was a scandal involving me and the headmasters daughter. Accusations flew, I was expelled and my parents disowned me. I fled back to The Crystal City and spent the last couple years living off my music and off tavern fair.

My question is... are my parents still around/alive..? From a paranoia standpoint, it is better to have them dead as the DM can't use them against me. Other than that it is probably better to have them alive.

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