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Mom came to visit this morning and we sprang the baby news on her. She bought a new house, still in Schenectady, a little closer to exit 25a. They will be doing some remodeling prior to moving in. She left just after noon to flee to snow storm, but in order to get home, she had to drive right into it. We did all manage to hit Friendly's for lunch before she left. She noticed that Aiyre will eat cheese sticks without prior removal of the breading.

Various weather predictions put our total anywhere from 3-5 inches up to 28-30 inches. I predict between 3 and 30. I just cleared off the driveway and we already have 3 inches out there. It is supposed to snow for another 18 hours.

Mom brought my christmas present, Spider-Man 2, which we just finished watching. It claims to have 10 hours of extras and features, so, you'll have to wait for the eval.

The snow puts Justin's visit tomorrow into question. I'm not really ready with new Star Wars material. I am trying to focus my creation to non-combative puzzle solving, but still forward the plot. They are leveling quickly so I will need to work on the 'trials' for Justin to become a Jedi Knight.

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