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Tomorrow my mother is coming to visit. We will spring the pregnancy on her at that time. I expect we'll just sit around, maybe go out to lunch, etc. I expect mom to leave early because of the expected snow storm.

On Sunday Adam and Colleen are unavailable for gaming. Justin will come over and we will continue to play in the Star Wars game we had started a couple weeks ago. I'm am struggling with this. Star Wars imagery in my mind is filled with dramatic action sequences(focus on action). Emily and Justin are both heavy into the drama, character interaction, etc. They would be happy to just hang and talk. They would probably love to sit around and chat with the Jedi counsel for hours. This sort of play is hard for the GM to plan and requires good improvization and acting.

So... I will be taking 2 days off of work(Sat and Sun). I over slept again last night. I didn't get out of the house till just before 6.

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