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Fabulous Friday

I would think Bush's christian supporters/friends would be totally pissed off with him after 4 years of killing and oppression. I thought they were supposed to learn from the lessons of Jesus. You know, the whole, WWJD thing. The whole lesson of Christianity is hope and forgivness. Did Jesus go into a whorehouse beat up the Pimp, rescue the hookers and force them into better lives?

I would probably like Bush if he were actually a good Christian.

I had a wonderful idea last night as I was attempting to sleep, which should help in the coding problem I've been fighting with for the last couple days.

I went through the smaller ships in the Star Wars book and re-did their stats to be consistant with the fact that they are flown by low level pilots. It made it so they have about little chance to actually hurt one another, when flying at combat speeds. So, I drop 5 points of armor from all of them and added damage reduction to make up for it. I was 4 ships short of two pages, so I will probably add a couple ships from the expansion books to fill out the space.

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