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flight to dallas

In the lobby, I ran into Joan McCarrell, the leadership/mentoring person for Raytheon IDS. We talked for a couple minutes before my flight boarded. I explained again, that I dropped out of the leadership mentoring program because I was being deployed to Beale. She was surprised to see me and that I was on my way to Beale right then.

On the flight, I got "stuck" in first class. I hope they pay me back for it anyway. In the seat right across the aisle was Kent Harris. I had worked with Kent early on at Raytheon and late on at NMSU PSL. He is still working ESSM. They have given up on vertical launch and are now ordalting the Mk29 trainable launcher. What a waste of tax payer money. It was nice to see him and talk to him again. He was really a mentor for me early at Raytheon.

My stomach was really going nuts. I kept running to the lavitory. I need more fiber or something.

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