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Adam, Colleen, and Justin came over the game today. Phil and Tyson stopped by for an hour or so. Tyson is like 3 or 4 and pretty much played with Aiyre/watched movies. Phil hung out and talked for a bit and then left taking the movies we had borrowed back with him. I had planned on returning them weeks ago, but could never work out a good time to stop by.

I've started looking at what our tax situation will look like for last year. We will end up paying just under 20 grand in federal taxes for the year. I need to get the forms for Mass and California. I'm not sure, legally, which forms I need to follow. Was I an out of state worker or a part year resident or what.

I went to work yesterday morning for a while, leaving early in the afternoon. Getting up at 5 on the weekends seems a little too natural. That will get my overtime total for the week off to a good start. I'm still at like the max OT authorization. I doubt I will stay that long this week. Last week I just put in the bare minimum in an effort to ease into things.

I took my R/C car out for a bit yesterday and had planned on taking it out at noon to tire out Aiyre just before the gamers arrived. I realized just before that my character needed to be updated and printed. So, I spent time updating it and printing and people arrived before I could go out. Our network setup at home is flakey. In the network neighborhood it seems that only one of us can ever see the other. If I have a shortcut to a network drive on her computer I can access it even if I can't see her computer itself. Her computer is the print server and is doing strange things too. The printer has to be turned on when the computer boots in order to print.

Aiyre is here and wants me to play The Sims 2, so I am off.

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