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My right calf has been cramping up for the last day or so. Its getting kind of annoying.

I picked up Aiyre from school yesterday and then we went to the Auburn Mall for an hour of running around and such. Some lady at the play area was attempting to get her daughter to talk to Aiyre. She suggested that her daughter might want to say hi to him and ask him his name. HELLO! Aiyre is a girl. I'm sorry the pink and butterfly patterns didn't give it away.

We ate at Friendly's. Yummy. Aiyre ate the cheese sticks, once I cut them up, without my needing to remove the breading. Yeah! We shared cheese sticks, chicken fingers, and french fries. Aiyre didn't eat her half, so I ended up over full. They had some new ice cream flavor which I would like to try sometime. It was something like Hunka Chunka or Chooka Chewka or something. It was vanilla with peanut butter cups, a chocolate swirl, and chunks of fudge. *drool*

I'm having trouble with an STR I'm researching. I just can't figure out where the bug is.

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