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Back to work!

I managed to take the weekend off. Saturday we were supposed to get 4-8 inches of snow. We got about 2 inches and the rest was ice and freezing rain. I spent the day inside, except for a run to BK in the morning to Emily and some time spent clearing the driveway and playing with Aiyre in the yard. She didn't like it as much cause it really seemed like rain when it was hitting you.

Sunday was gaming day. I felt a little more into the game than I had on past weeks. Aiyre was being like a puppy in the morning. Emily went in for a shower and I let Aiyre out of her room. Aiyre refused to go downstairs and was in tears at the bathroom door. We went into the bathroom and she insisted on waiting till Emily was out of the shower and the insisted on following her around. I guess I'm chop liver.

Emily and Justin got involved in some out of scene game activities, so I ended up giving Aiyre a bath and such. Aiyre wanted mommy back by the end of the bath.

I woke up about 15 minutes early today, but just hung out till it was time to get up and then hung out some more till I was 25 minutes late. *yawn*

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