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Day 2

I managed to get to work without any near death experiences.

I went to bed early last night with an awful headache and neck pain. I was unable to get to sleep for a couple hours, but eventually managed. I woke up at midnight with bad pain, took a coulpe aleve and back to bed. No pain this morning till about 8am or so. I can feel the headache building again.

I had a voicemail from Gina this morning. They changed the build she was supposed to use for the operator training. I provided a script to package everything we use in one build area so it can be easily moved to another. She lost the instructions that go with that script showing how to restore the files once moved to the new area. I don't really remember, but I think my script just makes a big tar file which then can be untarred with 'tar xvf' or 'tar xvfz'(if the file is gzipped as well).

I'm still dealing with my accomplishments for the year. I've also been working on some problems introduced when checkpointing was put in place on the project. It broke a bunch of stuff and doesn't seem to have been unit tested. Although, maybe I am doing the unit testing and no one mentioned it.

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