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I'm back to work today. I forgot my password to get onto my computer and I've found one other password which expired while I was on vacation. I'm still assigned to UEWR, and have some sort of critical issue, with 'OC broken'. I have not been able to get ahold of Mark for details yet.

I managed to get my R/C truck repaired and tested yesterday. I spent most of the day very close to the toilet dealing with a gastro-intestinal issue. I did manage to slip out and do some grocery shopping while Emily dropped Aiyre at school. I'm near to finishing Dhampir, given all the time I've been spending on the toilet.

The drive into work this morning, in the rain, wasn't too bad. I got in about 6:00. The forecast has snow and ice for the next couple days, so it'll get worse. The only issue I had was with a semi that wasn't staying in his lane. As a result I didn't want to pass on the right, but the guy behind me was right on my bumper. I merged behind the semi, who then started merging right, but the guy behind me charged forward and almost got run off the road by the merging semi. Some people need a little jedi training... patience.

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