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Today is my last day of Holidays and Vacation time. Tomorrow, it is back to the grind for at least a couple months. I think the next Holiday we get is Memorial Day.

The snow outside has been melting at a steady pace. I got the replacement parts for the truck in the mail, so I may try to put it together this afternoon.

Justin and Emily played in a Star Wars game I ran yesterday. Everything seemed to go well with the exception of the default spaceships. The standard, pre-generated, easy to use spaceships in the book are not balanced against each other. That is, the X Wing needs to roll a 20 to hit the Tie Fighter and vice versa. Even if it does hit, it will take, on average, 3 hits to disable the Tie Fighter and a total of 5 to blow it up. This doesn't seem to 'jive' with the movies. The book is also inconsistant between the stats for pilots of these vessels and the stats for a 'low level pilot'. The low level pilot is about 500% better at piloting than the pilots in the pre-generated ships.

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