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Cellphone Rant

I really hate cellphones. Phones, in general, are pretty awful too. This rant is brought to you by the host/cashier at Arby's which made me stand around and wait to order so she could finish checking her voice mail.

1. Calling someone is fairly rude. I would guess that 90% of the time when we take calls it is interrupting something which we didn't want to be interrupted during. I'm not talking sex here, although that happens. I'm talking about just quality family moments. Sitting and watching a movie, reading, playing, bonding, etc. I would guess that 75% of our calls are either not for us or not someone we wanted to talk to(telemarketers, etc). Sure, they can leave a message, but then we need to call them back and be rude to them. Of course, we could just leave them messages and play phone tag, but why not email them if that sort of thing is going to happen? I would guess that my phone usage has declined by 90+% in the last 5-10 years because of the number of people I know that have internet access.
2. Cellphone are wonderful for emergency situations. In fact, this is just about the only good reason to call someone, an emergency.
3. People really need to take cellphone etiquette classes. Turn off your ringer when out of the house, or turn it to vibrate. Only talk when it would be polite to ignore the people you are with. Sure, if you are on the bus by yourself, talk away, but be aware everyone is listening, so don't use offensive language and such. If you are at dinner with friends, don't take a call. It would be rude to turn away from your friends and talk to the people at the table behind you. Taking a cellphone call is the same thing. Using a cellphone is a physical distraction and a mental distraction. Don't distract yourself while driving. Even hand's free sets are not distraction free.
4. The rise of wireless devices and cellphones have increased the amount of electromagnetic radiation we are exposed to on a daily/hourly basis. It is also increasing the number of magnetic fields we encounter. There is a reason pregnant people are not supposed to live near power lines or use electric blankets. The magnetic fields, although we can not feel them, do affect us and our childern. All of that energy is going somewhere and doing something. We would have to be stupid to assume it isn't having an affect. Energy added to a system which was balanced without the energy is going to upset something. Many of the molecules used in our body denature at temperatures just above normal body temperature. All of these new energy sources in random locations are going to cause constructive and destructive interference with each other. This can cause local hot spots. Broken molecules can lead to cancers. I am predicting an increase in cancer rates in areas with large numbers of cellphone towers. Especially in areas where overlaps occur from competition for a cellphone market.
5. Don't take peoples picture without their permission. Cellphone now often come with cameras. Be aware. Don't leave business clients alone with competition sensitive/company private materials. They could easily photograph the documents. The same goes for DoD/DoE classified materials. Do not allow cellphones in secure areas. Do not allow cellphone use near secure areas or around classified documents.

Okay.. I'm done...

So, the therapist for Aiyre is here. She didn't get her car fixed. She couldn't get an appointment till next week. So.. we will miss another session.

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