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The day after

Aiyre has been a bit cranky today. We went out for breakfast at IHOP, where we all over ate. We've pretty ,much just hung around the house since then. Aiyre and I went outside for a bit cause it was snowing. She got bored/fustrated after about 5 minutes. My computer was acting up this morning so I had it do a thorough scandisk. Since that finished, I managed to order the parts I need to fix the truck. It came to 30 bucks including 2 week shipping.

I've been attempting to figure out how to post something to ebay and get paypal/etc setup. I have a bunch of $2 bills and $1 silver certificates I don't really want, so I figured I'd offer them up as a test. I don't expect much for some of them. A couple of the $2 bills have things like "Chris Thanksgiving 1980" written on them, etc. I picked them up back when I worked at Kay-Bee Toys(1988-1989). Paypal keeps refusing me because its cookies are getting rejected. I've messed with the preferences and removed them from the 'reject' list, but to no avail.

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