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Twas the night before tomorrow.

Emily and I have been watching season 1 of Farscape. I like and she seems to as well. Aiyre can be a real pain though. We just finished episode 4.

We took Aiyre to the pool at the YWCA in downtown Worcester today. She seemed to enjoy it, as she always does. I can't seem to get the pool smell off of my hands.

Aiyre and I played in the yard today. The rain from yesterday had cleared and everything dried out. I was using my R/C truck and ran into the edge of my neighbors stone wall goin quite fast. The shock absorber for the front passenger side tire broke as did the flex point. That wheel looks limp and broken now. The car is not driveable until I get a new part or superglue the pieces together. I've not even looked to see how much the parts will cost, but I am already familiar with their shipping and handling fees. *Doh*

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