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Watched the extended special super-duper edition of The Two Towers last night and this morning. Their wasn't much extra, or much I noticed. Mostly background information/character history/etc.

I went around and counted up everything that was on the faulty circuit. I didn't get anywhere near 20 amps. Some of the items only showed watts and volts instead of amps. I converted to amps using A = (W/V). I found : Icicle Lights(0.6A), Xmas Tree Lights(0.92A), Air Pump(1.3W, 120V), RF Modulator(4.5W, 120V), TV(135W, 120V), VCR(24W, 120V), DVDplayer(15W, 120V), Telephone(0.36A), Light Fixture(40W, 120V), Icicle Lights(0.6A), Icicle Lights(0.6A), Flood Lights(2.0A), Motion Sensor(1A guess), Fish Light(7W, 120V), Light Fixture(40W, 120V), Light Fixture(40W, 120V)

Adding all that up I came up with 8.6437 Amperes. Not even half of the circuit value. I did find that a light, on of the ones that make the tree blink, had blown, so I replaced it. For the short term, I turned off the flood lights and motion sensor. That frees up at least 2 amps. The information plate on the motion sensor had broken off. I had to guess its power usage.

Tonight Norm and I will exchange gifts prior to going out for a beer. My neck has been stiff and a pain in the neck(as it were). I probably just need to relax. I am on vacation, so I don't know how much more relaxed I can get.

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