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Time to move

I invited myself over to Will and Phil's home. It is nice, but they seem to be in the middle of construction and such. I brought Aiyre along to give Emily a break for a couple hours. They let me borrow the extended The Two Towers and the first season of Farscape. I am envious of the spaciousness of their house. I pity them when the heating bills come though.

I replaced the circuit breaker today, but it wasn't the problem, as the problem still existed once we plugged everything back in where it was. We recently added the Christmas lights and air pump for a fish tank to the circuit in question. We seem to occasionally exceed the draw. Stuff flickers a little, the TV and VCR shut themselves off. The DVD player goes to la-la land until we unplug it. That circuit also has the outside plugs/lights and garage. Nothing in the garage is plugged in and nothing is plugged in outside. Maybe a bug climbed into the outlet or something.

I plan is to suffer through the outage until after Christmas and see if it goes away with the xmas lights.

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