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I spent much too long messing around with Excel today. I finally managed to get my Star Wars character sheet to print without strange compressed fields, missing values, and such. The final action I took which fixed it was to adjust and increase the margins. I have other excel workbooks with small/narrow margins which print fine, but this one refused. I don't have trouble printing the same stuff at work, so I suspect our printer is having problems with it.

I just sent out a summary/welcome back Star Wars email. I'm not sure how many people, if any, want to continue.

My mother is coming to visit this weekend. Not sure if she plans on doing anything beside sitting around. In the last 2-3 years, my parents' youth and vigor have had steep declines. I'm beginning to wonder if 55 is too long to wait before retirement. Maybe I should retire at 40 or 45 for a couple years and then go back and work till I die.

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