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Weak Week

One more week till I leave.

Mum is coming to visit Saturday. I'll probably be quite busy making a big pile of stuff to have shipped. She probably just wants to play with Aiyre.

The last D&D session before I leave was yesterday. They finished the dungeon, freed the town, killed the demon, and made everyone very happy. Slick got some followers and everyone got back to their castle in time for bed. The murder in the early hours of the morning probably was quite upsetting. The old woman who cleans the section of the castle which houses the bedrooms/library/labs where the party sleep was attacked by a very large dog. They brought the old woman back and she described the attack.

I still need to hear from Puja on the moving stuff, so I can contact the movers before I leave. I just called and she is not in the office. I still have a lot to cover with Bill on the OC stuff. I doubt I will have time to finish the presentation of the OC material.

Debbie is looking to have a review later in the week, so I need time to review and time to hold the meeting.
I have to attend some APEX training session today from 3-4.
I really need to finish up this six sigma project.

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