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Lawful Evil

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The Day

Less than a week to go! I'm thinking that we will need to get a bigger house or a house with a basement or something soon. Maybe a garage sale will cover it, who knows.

I still have my old 18 speed bike Schwinn Sierra(1985). Free to anyone who wants it. I expect we'll have an extra couch or love seat soon as well as a glass table top(the base is very unstable). We may have an extra dresser or two as well.

I mamaged to solve Bill's problem today, although Bill didn't show up. He'll find out when he gets back to work on Monday.

While my laundry was in this morning I started trashing stuff which I'm not bringing back. I purposefully brought old and/or mismatched dishes and silverware, so that I wouldn't have to return any of it. Likewise, most of the pots and pans I have out here will not be returning. I expect that a bunch of my cloths will get donated as well, seeing as my pant size dropped 5 inches or so. For now, I'm just making piles of stuff all over the place.

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