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The training crew did dinner at Black Angus in Roseville tonight. They were all tired and not up for a movie, which was my suggestion. So, I ditched them and hang out at the casino for a couple hours. Mostly walking around and checking out the waitresses. Yummy outfits. I played some slots for a while, but quit just after a won a big pot that put me just over where I started. I cashed out, but found that I had 20 singles in my pocket so I walked around and hit a couple machines and converted my 20 bucks into 10 bucks. After walking around a bit more, I hit the Let it Ride table.

My luck was considerably better tonight. I hit a bunch of small ones, though always on the last card. On my last hand before leaving I bet 25 a dot and managed a pair of jacks. Wahoo, 75$. Well, it turns out that I actually ended up with 2 pair... 150$. I ended up 166 above where I started, which just about makes up for the horrible outcome while Gina was there.

I had a message from the movers... 10 am on Monday. I need to do laundry and pack a suitcase or two. Once everything is out I'll need to do some serious cleaning. I'll probably have to vacuum before they come because they are taking tha vacuum with them.

Off to shower away the smoke smell and then to bed... maybe a little more Harry Dresden first. He is in the middle of a big battle with a bunch of vampires.

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