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Dinner at Shanghai Fats with Gina/Bob/Steve. It was my turn to pay. We wandered the casino for 45 minutes and met back up outside of Starbucks. Well, Gina and I did. Bob and Steve never showed.

Gina is a Let it Ride fanatic so we played for a while. She got lucky and only lost about 20 bucks after 45 minutes. I, on the other hand, only won one hand. In that hand, the dealer had 2 queens. Every other hand I lost. The guy next to Gina won 5 hands in a row. Big bucks, straights, flushes, 2 pairs, everything. Me. Nothing. Actually my luck must have been going to everyone as they we all winning big. The casino had to show up with more chips. Me. Nothing.

I made a gay couple in The Sims, Will and Phil Bantillo. They had to have the same name. I'm not sure if Phil or Will changed names. I'm not very good with the people maker so neither of them looks like they really do. I may have to get the real Phil and/or Will to come over and fix themselves, as it were.

Time for a little Harry Dresden and then off to bed. I may end up with some time off this weekend. Branco is harassing me for help with OC so I should try to make some time for him. I need to pack stuff to keep in the hotel so the movers don't take everything.

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