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Start of Class 2

Air Force UEWR class 2 starts today. The site commander is in this class, so we really need to make sure things go smoothly.

I was updating my Performance and Goals sheet yesterday and noticed I had a goal to notify management when I saw risk in tasks and/or deadlines. So, this morning I got assigned an STR with a due date of December 15th. In response I immediatly called and told them that I would only have 2 days to work the STR before the due date and therefore it seemed to have a high risk of missing the deadline. All in a voice mail, of course.

So it seems that Norm is a bit of a blabber mouth. Joe was talking to Gina the other day and asked about the O-club and tequila shots. When questioned, he claimed Norm was feeding him the information.

It was cold and rainy this morning again. I need to start getting used to it so Massachusetts isn't such a shock. The forcast for Worcester, for last night, was 19 degrees. Frosty!

I'm looking forward to doing some gaming when I get home and back with the group. Maybe some D&D, maybe some Star Wars, maybe a little Shadowrun, who knows.

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