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insane in the membrane

Gina may have lost something... she seemed to have been hit with a fit of hystaria as she talk/laughed about 'hinky' the christmas poo. She drew a picture and talked about how funny it was when it hopped around leaving little brown stains.

We are down to maybe 30 man-hours of work on the labs.

The BBQ was awesome. TriTips, hot sausage, apple pie(with cool whip), burgers(with grilled onion). The sauce on the TriTips was a california wine teriyaki sauce. Reed merinaded them for 36 hours prior to the BBQ and coated them while grilled. Yum Yum Yummy.

My stomach has been hurting ever since lunch cause I ate way too much. I had been down to 219, I'll have to check on the way out tonight.

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