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Slow Day

My dinner last night was eaten by Chelsea at lunch so I ended up munching on some of the worst pistachios I've ever had. She brought in a lean cuisine as well but got mixed up about which one was hers and which was mine. She brought a flavor I don't like so I couldn't switch.

The parking lot was mostly empty today when I got here. It may have filled up since then, but I doubt it. I haven't seen Gina or Bob today. I didn't see Steve at all yesterday. He was planning on entering a base competition(3 mile run, 13 mile ride, 3 mile run) yesterday morning, but never came in after that. I had to loan him my bike.

I never made it to the movies yesterday. By the time I got home and got the showtimes I couldn't make the final showing at 11:00 so I went to bed. Maybe I'll get out of here tonight in time to see it. At about 5 tonight I'll hit my OT limit for this week and will have to start modifying all the time. We did manage to get Lab 1 finished before we left last night. Lab 6 will be finished in a couple minutes and I'll move on to Lab 4 while I wait for Gina.

Reed was out setting up for the BBQ, so it looks like lunch is on the company. Thanks! No word yet on the meal, but free food is free food. Chelsea brought in a replacement dinner for me tonight so I'll be all set if I stay late, but I'd rather have popcorn at the theater instead.

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