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Here I am at work, after 9pm on a Saturday night, coming up on 12 hours. I try to keep my weekend days down to 8 hours so they seem refreshing, but I failed today. Maybe tomorrow.

Lab Status (everything need to be complete by Wednesday morning) :
Lab 1 : Just cleanup... maybe an hour left
Lab 2 : Major re-write.. at least 8 hours plus dry runs and cleanup.
Lab 3 : Edits/dryrun/cleanup remain... maybe 6 hours
Lab 4 : Major edits/dryrun/cleanup remain... maybe 7 hours
Lab 5 : Small edits/dryrun/cleanup remain... maybe 4 hours
Lab 6 : Just cleanup... maybe an hour left
Lab 7 : Complete
Lab 8 : Complete
Lab 9 : Complete

I managed to play The Sims 2 this morning while my laundry was going. Still having some fun... I need to stop focusing on 'successful' lives for people and just screw around with them. I need to allow my self to relax and not micromanage everything. My simulated Glowacki family had a baby boy.

The Air Force crew in the Missile Warning Operations Center(MWOC) is watching Shrek 2 tonight. I caught about 15 seconds everytime I had to use the bathroom.

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