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Went over to Fitz's house to hand out candy with Eugene while Fitz and Co. went trick-or-treating. I taught Eugene how to play Munchkin-Fu. He seemed to like it. It's not really suited for 2 players, as the box says "3-6".

My throat has been acting up and I've been developing a cough. Eugene sounds like he swallowed a frog or has finally hit puberty. Their may be a virus going around work again.

I've been hearing voices outside my window in the direction of the graveyard since I got home. It may be just people walking by, but I do live on a dead-end street. Maybe its ghouls or zombies, or something cool though. I guess ghouls don't talk and zombies just say, 'brains', so it must be werewolves or vampires or something really powerful, like lichen. Fungus will get you every time.

Everything has started turning slowly green again as the temperatures cool and the rains come. The plowed fire-breaks have a green tint to them now.

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