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Lost in Cali

Yesterday, as the work day was coming to a close we decided to have dinner at Shanghai Fats, at the Thunder Valley Casino. Steve decided that he had enough of work and was going to walk down towards the gold course and maybe hit a few balls. Bob and Gina had car pooled with him and when they were ready to leave they should pick him up there or along the road if they left early.

When we leave I head home, and Bob and Gina head towards the gold course. I get a call at home that Bob and Gina can't find Steve. They've been looking for an hour and still nothing. So.. they can't meet me at 8. They ended up looking for him till 9, having called the military police and driven all over base. At this point they figure he must be walking back to roseville and head that way. When they get to the hotel they manage to convince the hotel staff to check his room for him. Nothing. They check messages and find he is at the Coyote Creek bar on bases, just around the corner from the golf course.

It turns out he was walking and wasn't anywhere near the golf course when the sun started going down, so he took a ride from Dr. Steve. The golf course and O club were closed when he got there and so he went over to the this other bar and waited for them.

So.. they probably didn't get to bed till after midnight and so they didn't make it in this morning till after noon.

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