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Beauty of a Day

Last night was the 'promotion' party for the DO, Major(LTC select) McNairy. It was free food and an open bar. I had to drive, so I kept it down to 3 drinks, but Gina went a bit over. Lots of Coors Light. She was also witnessed doing Tequila shots with some of the officers at the bar.

I ended up in a politic/religious conversation with Bob, who is a right wing Republican. He is actually registered democratic, but just because he is lazy. I still haven't gotten my absentee ballot and suspect, that like in the primaries it will not arrive in time. At least I don't have to worry about W getting my state.

Saturday morning, working again. Gina/Bob/Steve got here a couple hours after I did, so I had time to do some work in peace. We did some dry runs and I think lab 4 is ready for class on Monday. Gina is working on Lab 5 and I will be starting on 6 in a couple minutes.

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