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Hump Day!

Well, we hit yet another snag in the six sigma project. The matlab script we are borrowing from someone uses 'matmul' which is undefined. The off-line propagation functions we have available to us do not propagate the covariance matrix of the state vector. As a result our tests may not be entirely valid.

I remembered to bring in the videos for Billy to borrow. It only took me 4 days to remember.

I did the preliminary assessment of my taxes and it looks like I should be getting about 1900 bucks back! I'll be in Beale when all the forms arrive, so Emily will have to do it, fed-ex the forms to me, which I will sign, and then mail in.

My Partial To Do list :
Update Six sigma Project slides
Go to hospital for routine blood test(12 hour fasting)
Read Beale Security Forms
Sign and turn-in Beale Security Forms
Destroy all classified documents
Call Puja about getting 2 household shipments
Finish list of stuff to ship
Update all OC tools with scope/requirements
File absentee ballot stuff
Update Six Sigma requirements
Call Kerlin and set up meeting
Brief Billy on OC special report
Call Hotel and fix price for Raytheon
Update OC overview presentation
Do SLOC estimate for new Method 1 Part 2 Algorithm
Attend Team of 3 Meeting Today 1:30 War Room
Take off 3 hours
Finish Six Sigma Algorithm Analysis
Get a passport photo taken
Send in passport paperwork
Verify all tools on 5.1.4.?
Get BCBS forms for use in California
Notify insurance about new security system
Clean office and bring home anything I will need at Beale
Get TAR from barbara

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