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Acronym Hell

So.. it turns out that one of the terrorist organizations in one of our terrorist powered dogs went 'bad' and had to be replaced. That is.. we had a bad PLO in our REX and swapped it out. Maybe it should be terrorist powered king?

Turns out that just before Bob showed up yesterday, the elevator went back out of service and is still out. *grin* The doors were open down on the first floor and he got in. Stood there for about 15 minutes before the doors opened on the level 2 and he got out and took the stairs. We'll see how Gina fairs today.

Last night I just relaxed and watched the second half of The Two Towers and went to bed early. The rain last night was soothing, but when the wind picked up the blinds rattle too much and I had close the window(about 01:30)

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